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Where do I top-up?

This App has a map to your nearest top-up location, select Top-up, and then Top-up Location. This shows the nearest location anywhere in Ireland!

What is an 'IOU'?

An IOU is an additional €5 credit which is taken back when you next top-up, there is a 15c fee which is deducted each time it is used.

What is the minimum top-up?

The minimum top-up is €10.00 - remember to check this is enough credit to renew service.

What is friendly credit?

To ensure you will have heat when you wake up in the morning and over the weekend your service does not shut off when shops maybe shut.

When is friendly credit?

Friendly credit is at night from 5.00pm to 9.00am [17.00 to 09.00] Monday to Friday and also the weekend, all day on Saturday and Sunday. It is also available for selected bank holidays.

What does 'Used yesterday' mean?

This is the value of the heat used yesterday, over the full 24 hours. This is a good guide to budgeting for today's and tomorrow's usage.

What does 'Credit Now, balance remaining' mean?

This is the value you have in your account.

When will service be shut off?

Service is withdrawn for no credit any weekday between 9.00am and 5.00pm [09.00 and 17.00].

Who do I contact for reconnection?

Service will be restored when you buy the credit, please make sure you add enough credit to pay back any friendly credit or IOU taken.

What does 'IOU Available' mean?

This button goes green when you have €3 or less in credit. The €5 is deducted immediately when you next top-up. When it is used; the button goes red. It is blue at all other times.

What is 'Barcode'?

This needs to be handed to the operator when you go to top-up. We also include the number for your top-up number which can be used by your Paypoint outlet.

What is 'Top-up Location'?

This is a map showing you the nearest top-up locations.

What is 'Recent top-ups'?

This is a list of your most recent successful top-ups.